Planet Claire

Planet Claire is an independent small business, located in Vancouver, BC. Focused on sustainable and ethically produced fashion, Planet Claire carries clothing for both men and women (in sizes 2-22!), as well as jewellery, local visual art, and home decor.

The clothing is hand-selected by Claire herself and she buys direct from the designer. To her, “sustainable” includes eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, tencel, silk, recycled material, and even seaweed. Claire believes that even if the designer is not yet using an eco-friendly fabrics, supporting the local community and independent artists, as well as designers who employ social justice standards, is still a sustainable practice and something she wants to support. Therefore, 100% of the clothing is ethically produced, i.e. 80% of the designers make the clothing with their own two hands, and the other 20% pay local people a fair wage for their work.

A good example of this is Soi Disant, a Montreal-based designer whose clothing is made in a factory in the Gaza Strip that employs women who are paid a fair wage, and the embroidery is done by women living in a refugee camp nearby.

As recycling clothing and buying second hand is still the most sustainable method available, Planet Claire also has a hand-picked selection of unique and designer consignment clothing at unbeatable prices. Think vintage jackets, dresses, shoes, and designer jeans (True Religion, Citizens of Humanity, Miss Sixty)….

Profiling both Canadian and international designers from Vancouver to Israel, you will find fashions exclusive to Planet Claire that can be found nowhere else in the city, and even Canada. Designers such as FiftySeven-ThirtyThree from Oakland, CA produce screen-printed and hand-stenciled/painted shirts and appliqu├ęd hoodies that are printed and sprayed with only solvent-free, water based paints and inks. Their style draws from an urban aesthetic where multi-culturalism and pop culture merge with inner city decay, graffiti and a lo-tech DIY sensibility.

These designers are passionate about both the quality and sustainability of their clothing, including the materials, choice of fabric and suppliers, in order to ensure and understand the origins of the fabrics and the conditions of those who manufacture them. Because the clothing is not mass-produced, there is usually only one of each size, and some truly are “one-of-a-kind”.

Planet Claire also functions as a gallery for local visual artists, with rotating installations every few months. You can also find an eclectic selection of jewellery and home decor, such as “RE-SURFACE’s” lamps, created out of photographs of Brooklyn’s urban art.

As a ‘green’ business, Planet Claire uses environmentally friendly office supplies (; recycled & recyclable bags, tags, & signage; bamboo clothing hangers, second hand equipment, clothing racks & display units, 1% of annual revenue is donated to environmental organizations (, and her website is solar powered! (

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